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Official #DaddyandDaughter singing "Let It Go" From Frozen

Автор: Chris Price Длительность: 00:01:25
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Опубликовал: Менеджер новостей 10.10.2014
Lily and Daddy singing along to Let it go from Frozen in London. "Dad...
Lily and Daddy singing along to Let it go from Frozen in London.
"Dad and daughter’s Frozen singalong is on-line sensation"
A DAD has spoken of his disbelief after a video of him and his daughter singing a duet from the film Frozen went viral.

The clip of Chris Price, 26, from Leicester, and his four-year-old daughter Lily belting out "Let it Go" got over 20million views on Facebook in just three days.

Thousands of users from around the world have left messages on his Facebook page after it spread.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Chris, who works as a senior manager at on-line Pharmacy http://www.healthpharm.co.uk  said: "I'm just overwhelmed. I am absolutely blown away with it. My little sister shared it first with her friends and then they shared it...

"I was taking my daughter out for the day, I took her to Toys R Us and Primark and by the time we came out I saw it had got half-a-million hits! Pretty much my knees went."

It has also been shared over 100,000 times since it was uploaded by Chris' sister Melanie Price, 21, on Saturday morning, and has become a big hit on Twitter and Instagram.

The 84 second clip shows the pair singing the popular Disney tune while driving to the shops for a day out in London this weekend.

Despite becoming an internet sensation, Chris does not think the pair are quite ready for a music career.

He added: "I want Lilly to have her 15 minutes of fame, she is just incredible. I'm not sure she is ready for X Factor though, not at four years old, but who knows in the future."

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